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Behind the Scenes

A lot of work goes into bringing a dream into reality. Issue 1 of Anomaly 23 took roughly nine months to get from concept to comic which is significantly faster than the majority of independent comics produced. We plan on cutting that time on future issues as our team grows more cohesive.


In addition to the sheer size of the undertaking, the Anomaly 23 creative team is faced with other obstacles. Our team comes from all over the world and is spread across many different time zones. In spite of this, technology has allowed us to coordinate well enough that the team didn’t have to meet in person until the comic’s launch on May 19th of this year.


Rune comics isn’t just limited to producing comics but also is committed to taking great strides to become an important part of the community. We are currently in talks with several charitable organizations as we look for ways to have a positive impact on our reader’s lives not just through our words but also through our actions. Check back for updates as we continue to make progress on all fronts of this exciting venture.

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Anomaly 23