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Seventeen years ago, when my nephew was five, he was diagnosed with a hearing loss and had to wear hearing aids to Kindergarten.   The kids made fun of him at school and he didn’t want to wear them. With the help of my family I wrote a children’s story with illustrations and made a superhero costume with a cape. My nephew was the superhero who saved Christmas by using his super powers.  His hearing aids allowed him to talk to the ants that helped him capture the villain.  He loved both the story and costume which he wore every day.

Zoom forward eleven years.  I had a five year old son, Rune, who was diagnosed with a hearing loss and also refused to wear his hearing aids.  He didn’t want to be different and felt like he didn’t fit in.  It wasn’t enough to encourage him to be brave and be himself.  I found myself searching for superheroes that he could relate to like I did for my nephew.  His love of action figures sent me on a search for some with hearing aids as part of their costume.

Encountering the issue of not being able to find superheroes made me think it was time to create superhero stories, costumes, and action figures that represent children with different abilities.   As I put together my creative team I was introduced to writer Chris Hendricks.  Chris is a passionate writer, musician and public speaker.  At the age of four he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  I knew that with his talent and passion, Chris, like no one else, could write this story from a voice of experience.


With my creative team in place, I formed Rune Comics.  My goal is for children and adults to read these stories and be so excited by the characters and storyline that they will see the characters as relatable with vulnerabilities just like them.  With this in mind, the team produced Anomaly 23; a story about six amazing teens that have typical teenage problems.  They struggle with parents, friends, jobs, homework, crushes, and just wanting to hang out at the mall.  Issue 1 will grab you, and take you on a journey with teens that go from being teens with conditions to being superheroes who risk it all to save their friends, and the world from destruction.   As their story evolves, it will challenge perceptions, and make it so readers don’t have to be brave to be themselves.


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